CIPS Honor Roll


In 2008 the Officers and Members of the CIPS Board of Directors honored our founders, those members whose creativity and determination brought our confederation into existence and nurtured its early growth. By a unanimous vote, the 2008 CIPS Board of Directors has named the members of our 1992 Board of Directors “Founders of CIPS.”

Jean Sanville, PhD, FIPA (West Coast Co-chair) *
Norbert Freedman, PhD, FIPA (East Coast Co-chair) *
Steven Ellman, PhD, FIPA
Albert Mason, MB, PsyD, FIPA
Abby Adams-Silvan, PhD, FIPA
Mark Silvan, PhD, FIPA
Frederick Vaquer, PhD, FIPA
Pete Wolson, PhD, FIPA


In 2008, CIPS established a new membership category to recognize those members whose outstanding and sustained contributions to the growth and development of CIPS have made our current organizational life possible. Since then, the CIPS Board of Directors has elected six members to the category of “Distinguished Life Members of CIPS,”

Steven Ellman, PhD, FIPA
Bonnie Engdahl, PhD, FIPA *
Norbert Freedman, PhD, FIPA*
James Gooch, MD, PhD, FIPA
Ernie Lawrence, PhD, FIPA *
Fredric T. Perlman, PhD, FIPA


This award is given to members for exceptional leadership and devoted service to CIPS.

Harriet Basseches, PhD, FIPA
Fredric Perlman, PhD, FIPA

* Deceased