President’s Letter

Dear CIPS Community,

It has been an honor and a privilege to lead this vibrant and warmly collegial community. One aspect of the Presidency is about stewardship, as the creative dreams and progressive initiatives of prior Presidents and Boards may only be fully realized over the course of succeeding administrations. Yet ensuring CIPS reputation as a progressive, open-minded membership organization at the forefront of North American and international psychoanalysis, and confronting current challenges, requires creativity, initiative, and dedicated hard work.

Though I envisioned a revitalized CIPS, no President operates in a vacuum. The transformative work needed required an equally engaged and far-sighted Executive Committee and Board. Without their dedicated hard work and support, the initiatives and accomplishments of the past two years would never have come to fruition. We at CIPS have much to feel proud of, and I am very appreciative of and grateful to: Paula Ellman, Claudia Eskenazi, Judith Felton, Caron Harrang, Andrea Kahn, Susan Light, Terrence McBride, Maureen Murphy, Maxine Nelson, Frederic Perlman, Drew Tillotson, Leigh Tobias, Sandra Wilder-Padilla, Randi Wirth, Beth Kalish, Special Counsel to the President, and former Board members Steven Ellman, Lisa Halotek, Marilyn Rifkin, Doris Silverman, Susan Hobbs Stones, Mary Wall, and former President’s Counsel, Beth Kalish.

As I say farewell, it is a great pleasure to review CIPS growth over the past two years. First and foremost is our addition of two societies to CIPS. The CIPS community joyfully welcomed the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California (PINC) and the Contemporary Freudian Society (CFS) to CIPS membership. Both of these societies are thriving, independent groups, whose diversity enriches the whole. CIPS recognizes that a richly pluralistic community yields innovative contexts that fosters collegial dialogues, enhances clinical creativity, and builds sturdy bridges across societies.

In response to the credentialing demands of our societal milieu, and the needs of our member societies, I proposed the creation of a clinical Board Certification in Psychoanalysis, and served as its Co-Chair with Leigh Tobias (PCC). Our deep gratitude to the following dedicated members of this committee whose hard work enabled us to be up and running in one year’s time – an amazing achievement! They are: Douglas Dennett (DMS), Caron Harrang (NPSI), Andrea Kahn (PCC), Beth Kalish (LAISPS), Susan Light (CFS), Terrence McBride (LAISPS), Fredric Perlman, Consultant (IPTAR), Marilyn Rifkin (IPTAR), Randi Wirth (IPTAR), and our Administrative Consultant, Diana Daimwood.

The CIPS certification is inclusive of all of our members, and structured around continuing participation in psychoanalytic experiences and education, rather than yet another examination process.

An outstanding group of Examiners were invited to serve on the inaugural Board of Examiners. Our Examiners are: Charles Spezzano, Chair (PINC); Jeanette Gadt, Co-Chair (PCC); Michael Diamond, (LAISPS); Danielle Knafo, (IPTAR); Robert Oelsner, (NPSI) and Joann Turo, (CFS). They and our Program Administrator, Connie Stroboulis, are responsible for the smooth and successful functioning of this project.

The title for CIPS members who successfully completed the certification process and would like to indicate their certification on professional stationery, business cards and other documents may use Board Certified Psychoanalyst and the acronym BCPsa.

Our old website was completely outdated and inadequate to our current organizational interests, to the security and public relations needs of our new certification project, to the ways we wished to expand the book series, teleconference/educational features, and to the communication needs of our organization both within and without. The result is this beautiful, fully functional website. We hope that you will enjoy using it! Many thanks to the following ExCom members – Terrence McBride, Randi Wirth, Susan Light, Fredric Perlman, and our talented Consultant, Diana Daimwood, who labored long and hard on this project.

The 2016 clinical conference held in Los Angeles and co-sponsored with NAPsaC – Empathy, Creativity and the Shared Transitional Space – was an outstanding success. IPA President Stefano Bolognini and Vice-President Alexandra Billinghurst, our honorees, joined our Face-To-Face Board Meeting, participated on both the Panel chaired by Arlene Kramer Richards, and in the small clinical groups that are the heart of our conference. A Q & A with our North American Representatives was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and we received multiple requests for more time with them at our next conference. Many thanks to our CIPS conference committee – Randi Wirth. Chair (IPTAR); Andrea Kahn, Co-Chair (PCC); Maureen Murphy, Chair, NAPsaC (PINC) for their hours of dedicated work. And our gratitude for the collaborative efforts of Susan Hobbs Stones, CIPS Education Chair (CFS) and Jacqueline Lichtenstein (LAISPS) who made it possible for us to offer CEUs to conference attendees for the first time.
We look forward to our next clinical conference in New York City, April 27 – 29, 2018.

A special word of appreciation to Terry McBride, our incoming President and Chair of By-laws, Policies & Procedures Committee, and to Co-Chair Rick Perlman, (Chair, Public Policy), who undertook the review and revision of all CIPS governance. You will find these fully updated documents in the Governance section. Please trash your old documents.

Recently, CIPS has been actively involved with IPA in regard to the impending changes in Eitingon training standards anticipated at the July IPA Congress in Buenos Aires. Each of our member societies has submitted a report on this very significant issue to the Committee on Education and the IPA Board. CIPS contributed a White Paper (Rick Perlman, Chair; H. Gunther Perdigao, Co-Chair) as well as copies of all individual CIPS society reports.

The productivity of CIPS members is also well represented by three additional contributions to the CIPS Book Series with Karnac, The Boundaries of Psychoanalysis. They are: From Soma To Symbol: Psychosomatic Disorders and Transformative Experience, Editor Phyllis L. Sloate; Stalker, Hacker, Voyeur, Spy by Helen K. Gediman; and Critical Flicker Fusion: Psychoanalysis At The Movies, by William Fried. Take a look at the revised and expanded book store offering discounts to CIPS members.

In response to the current humanitarian crisis, CIPS has launched the Project for Vulnerable People. The purpose of this project is to share information regarding services available through our member societies and other charitable organizations with each other and with the public. If you have information to share on our website, please be in touch with me at

In closing, a very major thank you to the ExCom and Board for your support and caring dedication to the advancement of CIPS.

A heartfelt thank you and welcome to Terry McBride, CIPS new President. He has been an integral part of the ongoing accomplishments of the past two years, always thoughtful and helpful to me, and is well prepared for the leadership of CIPS. Andrea Kahn, our new Vice-President, is an experienced, well-regarded Board member and committee member, and much appreciated for her generous commitment to CPS.

Welcome, Terry – Welcome, Andrea – and my warmest wishes for a fulfilling and successful Presidency and Vice-Presidency.

Warmest regards and gratitude to all,


Phyllis L. Sloate, PhD, FIPA, BCPsa
CIPS President
30 Avis Drive
New Rochelle, NY 10804

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