We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest edition from the CIPS Book Series, The Boundaries of Psychoanalysis:


Terrence McBride and Maureen Murphy, Editors
Routledge, London and New York

The impact of trauma can be both destructive and transformative. This book presents a range of theoretical frameworks through which different traumas, from childhood abuse, war combat, and catastrophes such as 9/11, are understood and treated from a psychoanalytic perspective. In each chapter, the authors use clinical vignettes and detailed case histories to discuss the multiplicity and complexity of the trauma involved, eschewing the binary conception of internal versus external forces. The need for resilience by both patient and analyst is illuminated in each chapter.

The following contributors to the book are all members of CIPS:

Maxine K. Anderson
Susan S. Berger
Fred Busch
Michael J. Diamond
Pamela Dirham
Judy K. Eekhoff
Helen Gediman
Thomas P. Helscher

W. Preston Lear
Terrence McBride
Maureen Murphy
Maxine Nelson
Lori O’Brien
Robert L. Pyles
Marilyn Rifkin
Alan P. Spivak

The book is available at www.routledge.com. Enter the code BSE19 at checkout for a 20% discount.