Letter from the Interim Managing Editor

It is with great pleasure that the CIPS Autumn NewsBriefs has returned and is part of our new website ( This issue is in an abbreviated form that will be expanded in the future to include the most important articles, book reviews and interviews of past editions plus some new and exciting additions.

This issue marks the farewell letter from Phyllis Sloate, Ph.D, FIPA (IPTAR). Progress and growth seem to have been her by-words. As her term ends we thank her for her many accomplishments. Her letter will provide you with an overview of the significant growth that CIPS has experienced under her leadership.

Terrence McBride, Psy.D, FIPA (LAISPS) has assumed the role of President. He has been active in CIPS for many years, as well as serving as Vice President with both Randi Wirth and Phyllis Sloate. His President’s Letter notes his wealth of experience. CIPS is indeed fortunate to have him at the helm. Andrea Kahn, Ph.D, FIPA (PCC) has assumed the role of Vice-President.

In this issue we also bid farewell to Lisa Halotek, Psy.D, FIPA (LAISPS) as the Managing Editor of the CIPS NewsBriefs. She added dimension, creativity and style to the NewsBrief and we will miss her. She wrote about the “growth and generativity” of CIPS under the presidencies of Leigh Tobias, Ph.D, FIPA, Randi Wirth, Ph.D, FIPA and Phyllis Sloate, Ph.D, FIPA. Commenting about her time as Editor, Halotek commented that “The energy, care, creativity and forward thinking of those that I’ve had the privilege to work with have and will continue to inspire me.”

We want to thank our fabulous group of reporters who have contributed to this issue: Susan Mitchell (PCC), Jared Russell (IPTAR), Joe Davis (LAISPS), Dave Parnes (NPSI) and Drew Tillostson (PINC).

Lastly, our wishes that you are having a wonderful Autumn, full of joy and laughter. We will see you in our next issue.

Claudia Eskenazi, Ph.D.
Interim Managing Editor

Contemporary Freudian Society (CFS)

Finding Unconscious Fantasy in the Intimacy of the Analytic Encounter,” will take place on Sunday, September 10, 2017 in the Founders Room, Lower Level, SIS Building – American University, Washington, DC.

Psychoanalysis views unconscious fantasy as foundational in the understanding of psychic reality and traumatic suffering. Psychotherapists and their patients work together to find the depths of mind that create pain and conflict. Our presentations will show how “finding unconscious fantasy” takes place in treatments when narrative, trauma, and body pain become known in the intimacies of transference and countertransference. By “finding” we mean the uncovering, discovering, and imagining of derivatives related to unconscious fantasies both symbolized and unsymbolized. Our clinical focus on “finding unconscious fantasy” serves to integrate the concepts of trauma and fantasy, mending an historical split in the theories of mind.

The presenters include Paula L. Ellman, PhD, ABPP, Nancy R. Goodman, PhD, Harriet I. Basseches, ABPP, Irene Cairo, MD, Carolyn Curcio, MSW, Kurt Ela, PsyD, Rogelio Sosnik, MD, Lisa Schlesinger, LCSW and Debra Neuman, PhD.

Nancy Goodman, PhD and Paula Ellman, PhD will begin the panel summaries of their discoveries in their new book titled Finding Unconscious Fantasy in Narrative, Trauma, and Body Pain: A Clincal Guide. Emphasis is on making contact with the patient and understanding the way unconscious fantasies appear as scenes in the theater of the mind. Case presentations and discussions by all of the panelists illustrate the ongoing work of therapy where patient and therapist discover evolving unconscious derivatives in the presence of trauma and body pain, along with narrative.

Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR)

Helen Gediman, PhD, LP published, “Interview with Harold P. Blum.” Reminiscence Section, The Division Review (15: 71-80; 2016). Her book, Stalker, Hacker, Voyeur, Spy: A Psychoanalytic Study of Erotomania, Voyeurism, Surveillance, and Invasions of Privacy was published by Karnac Books (December 2016). The book is a selection of the CIPS Book Series on “The Boundaries of Psychoanalysis.”

In December, Anita Katz, PhD, LP presented a case study in Iceland at the International Conference on Seeing and Knowing, and to the Metropolitan Institute Training for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis in New York.

Janice S. Lieberman, PhD, LP Chaired the Discussion Group, “Masculinity: The Anatomy of Date Rape,” at the APsaA Meetings on January 18, 2017.

Michael Moskowitz, PhD, LP published, “How I Came to Understand White Privilege” in The American Psychoanalyst, Volume 50, No. 4:
TAP has special sections in three issues, “Conversations on Psychoanalysis and Race.” Two are now available online on the TAP website. The authors of many of the included papers are members of the IPTAR community.

Jared Russell, PhD, LP published Nietzsche and the Clinic: Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Metaphysics (Karnac, December 2016).

Doris Silverman, PhD, LP has published, “A Revolutionary Call about Female Sexuality,” in E. Toronto (Ed.) A Womb of Her Own: Women’s Struggle for Sexual and Reproductive Autonomy (Routledge, 2017).
She also published, “Insecure Attachments and Their Intermingling Transferences.” Journal of American Psychoanalysis, (77, 2017). In addition to evaluating research grant proposals for the IPA, she served as referee for Psychoanalytic Dialogues and Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Isaac Tylim, PhD, LP published, “Machismo and the Limits of Male Heterosexually” in V. Pender (Ed.), The Rights of Women (Karnac), and, “On Transference, Passion, and Sexual Boundaries Violations”
Psychoanalytic Psychology, Special Issue.

Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute and Society for
Psychoanalytic Studies

Lanning M. Melville, PsyD, LCSW becomes President of LAISPS as of September 2017; he will serve for 3 years, succeeding. Lori O’Brien, PhD, FIPA. Melville became an IPA certified analyst in 2010 and received his PsyD in Psychoanalysis in 2015. Before beginning training at LAISPS in 1998, Dr. Melville completed a two-year psychoanalytic psychotherapy program at Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute (SCPI), which has since rejoined its progenitor, now renamed the New Center for Psychoanalysis (NCP). He continues to enjoy relationships with a number of analysts at the other Los Angeles Institutes, as well.

Chris Christian, PhD has been recommended and approved for the new LAISPS honorary membership category entitled, Corresponding Membership. He joins with the other newly approved Corresponding Members as formalized this year including: Alexandra Billinghurst, PhD, Fred Busch, PhD, FIPA, Maureen Murphy, PhD, Sergio Nick, MD, Cordelia Schmidt-Herman, Martin Teising, MD, Ingrid Moeslin-Teising, MD and Stefano Bolognini, MD.

Barry C. Ross, PhD was unanimously recommended for full membership by the membership committee.

Susan B. Krevoy, PhD will step down this year as Director of The Eating Disorders Program and Victoria Curea, PsyD will assume the role of Director.

Terrence McBride, PhD, FIPA has been elected as the new President of The Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies (CIPS). Sandra Wilder-Padilla PhD, FIPA will serve as a LAISPS representative alongside Claudia Eskenazi, PhD.

Michael Diamond, PhD, FIPA, has published a series of articles that include the following:

  • Diamond, M.J. (2017). “Recovering the Father in Mind and Flesh: History, Triadic Functioning and Developmental Implications.” Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 86: in press.
  • Diamond, M.J. (2017). A review of “Growth and Turbulence in the Container/Contained: Bion’s Continuing Legacy,” edited by Howard B. Levine and Lawrence J. Brown. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 98: 245-250.
  • Diamond, M.J. (2016). Commentary on the lecture of Alessandra Lemma (Koreferat zu Alessandra Lemma on “Psychoanalysis in Times of Technoculture: Some Reflections on the Fate of the Body in Virtual Space ”). Zeitschrift für psychoanalytische Theorie und Praxis, 31: 72-78.

Diamond, M.J. PhD, FIPA, has presented the following invited paper’s:

  • “The Vibrant Challenges of Clinically Effective Psychoanalytic Mindedness.” Invited Presentation for the International Psychoanalytic University, Berlin, Germany, March 2017.
  • “Recovering the Missing Father in Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique: A Road to Maturing Intimacy.” Conference on Masculinity, Sexuality and Aggression, Obergurgl, Austria. Sponsored by the German Psychoanalytic Association and the Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists for Children and Adolescents in cooperation with Innsbruck University, March 2017.
  • “The Missing Father in Psychoanalytic Technique: An Obstacle to Mature Intimacy.” 50th Congress of the International Psychoanalytical Association, Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2017

Fred Bush, PhD, FIPA has recently authored several publications including: “Where is Psychoanalyisis Today?” in the 50th anniversary edition of Piscoterapia e Scienze Umane. Vol.L;393-396; “The Search for Psychic Truths,” in Psychoanalytic Quarterly. LXXXV: 339-360, and “Unraveling an Enigma,” in Psychoanalytic Inquiry. 36:295-306. In addition, his book “Creating a Psychoanalytic Mind” (Creare Una Mete Psichoanalytica) has been published in Italian by Armondo Editore publishers in Rome.

Karen Redding, PhD, presented her paper “Seeing Ourselves in Each Other: Finding Meaning and Connection through a Photographic Journey” at the March meeting of the American Association for the Psychoanalysis of Clinical Social Work (AAPCSW) held in Baltimore. The paper presents Redding’s photographs, taken in remote places throughout the world, and illustrates how she integrates these images into a psychological narrative in and beyond the consultation room

David Hayes, MFT and a first year candidate at LAISPS has won the 2017 Michael Diamond Writing Award for his paper titled: “Reflective Humanism and Psychoanalysis: Exploring Post-Cartesian Conflicts in Clinical Method, Theory, and Epistemology. He will be presenting his paper this coming fall at a time to be determined.

Joe Davis, PhD presented a clinical training for interns on June 19, 2017 at the Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills entitled, “Attacks on the Therapeutic Frame.”

Ph.D in Psychoanalysis – Accepting applications!

Candidates and graduates of psychoanalytic institutes accredited by the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) may earn a Ph.D in Psychoanalysis from the Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies (LAISPS) by completing additional coursework and a dissertation. If you are interested please contact: Marc Sanders, Ph.D., FIPA. (310) 497-5995.

For more information on all LAISPS events visit

Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (LICSW)

NPSI Candidate Carolyn Steinberg, MD, presented “Applying Infant Research to Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents” at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, which occurred in October 2016. She was also on a panel at the same meeting.

NPSI sponsored its 11th International Evolving British Objects Relations Conference (EBOR) on October 28 – 30, 2016. The conference was titled, “The Feeling Mind and Lived Experience: Clinical Transformations in Psychoanalysis.” The plenary presenters for the conference were Mark Solms, PhD, FIPA and Maxine Anderson, MD FIPA. Anderson was the discussant for Solms’ paper, “The Conscious Id: Current and Evolving Thoughts” and Solms was the discussant for Anderson’s paper, “A Creative Conversation with Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience.” Of the many excellent individual paper presentations offered during the conference, Judy Eekhoff, PhD, FIPA presented a paper titled, “Affective Bridges Between Body and Mind.”

On November 12, 2016 Jeff Eaton, LMHC, FIPA discussed the presentation “Bringing Meditation into Psychoanalysis: Free Association, Meditation, and Bion” by Axel Hofer, MD, at the Oregon Psychoanalytic Center, on a panel with Gerald Fogel, MD. On December 3, 2016 Jeff presented his paper, “Making a Scene: Reflections on Anxiety in Child Therapy” at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, as the Beata Rank Memorial Lecturer in Child Analysis for 2016.

NPSI hosted a book party for From Reverie to Interpretation: Transforming Thought into the Action of Psychoanalysis, the collected papers from the 2014 EBOR conference. The book was edited by Dana Blue, LICSW, FIPA and Caron Harrang, LICSW, FIPA. The celebratory event was held in the home of David and Jeanne Jachim and the office of David Jachim, PhD, FIPA. The book marks the first time the collected papers from an EBOR conference have been made available to the public.

Judy K Eekhoff, PhD, FIPA presented an individual paper, titled, “Finding the Spark of Life” at the 2016 Bion Conference in Milan (September 30 – October 2). She presented her paper, “The Silent Transference: Clinical Applications of Ferenczi, Klein, & Bion” at the Seattle Psychoanalytic Society & Institute on October 18, 2016. She presented her paper, “Affective Bridges between Body & Mind” at the EBOR Conference in Seattle (October 28-30). On January 15, 2017 she presented “Finding the Center of Gravity” at the conference titled Contemporary Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy, in New York City.

Caron Harrang, LICSW, FIPA has published a paper, titled “Presence and Absence in Bion’s Italian Seminars”, in Rivista dei Psicoanalise (Spring, 2017), the journal of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society. The paper, first presented at the International Bion Conference in Milan in the fall of 2016, explores and elaborates Bion’s ideas on the dual difficulties posed for every infant and its parents, and by extension, for every patient and analyst, of the object’s presence as well as its absence. Caron presented on this topic at the March 15th Scientific Meeting at NPSI. The discussant for this paper presentation was John Cardinali, PsyD, ABPP. Regarding the paper, Caron states: “I examine The Italian Seminars to discern the enduring themes of Bion’s thinking about human emotional experience as evidenced by his responses to the group. A close reading of the text reveals that one of the leitmotifs that Bion refers to over and over throughout these seminars is the centrality of emotion (as opposed to the drives) in psychic development and, thus, the difficulty posed for both analyst and analysand in dealing with presence and absence in relationship to internal and external objects. It is a sign of Bion’s genius that he is able to note that both experiences are disturbing rather than the traditional emphasis on separation from the object as a primary cause of anxiety.”

Caron was invited by Lee Jaffe, PhD, FIPA, (APsaA), new Chair of the North American Psychoanalytic Confederation (NAPsaC), to join his administration as Secretary (2017-19). She accepted and looks forward to working with Drew Tillotson, PhD, FIPA (PINC) who will be serving as Co-Chair and Sandra Borden, LCSW, FIPA (APsaA) who will continue her work as Treasurer. For more on NAPsaC see Regional and International News (shown above).

Adrian Jarreau, LHMC, FIPA has a book chapter, titled, “Intuiting the Unknown: Listening with the Unconscious Mind” in the recently published Emotional Presence in Psychoanalysis: Theory and Clinical Applications, edited by John Madonna (Routledge, 2016). The chapter was originally written as Adrian’s graduation paper (Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute) and first published in Modern Psychoanalysis.

Adriana Prengler, LMHC, FIPA is pleased to announce that she is running for the position of North American representative to the Board of the IPA by Petition.

Marianne Robinson, PhD, FIPA has co-authored a paper, titled, “Supervisory Countertransference and Impingements in Evaluating Readiness for Graduation” that appeared in the most recent issue of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis. Co-authors include, Ehrlich L, Kulush N, Hanley M.A., and Rothstein A.

A review of the book, Transference and Countertransference Today, edited by Robert Oelsner, MD, FIPA, will appear in the next issue of The International Journal of Psychoanalysis. Dr. Oelsner’s excellent book was published by The New Library of Psychoanalysis, Routledge, London, in 2013. The review of the book was written by Ricardo Stramer.

Robert Oelsner, MD, FIPA presented a paper titled, “The Dawn of Unconscious Phantasy” at the April 19th NPSI Scientific Meeting. Dr. Oelsner writes: “In this presentation I wish to explore the early stages of the development of unconscious phantasy seen as the very origin of thinking. In order to do so I will first briefly remind you of some of Freud’s statements and the extensions made by Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion and a vignette of a young girl whose rich phantasy-work will give us a background to contrast with the cases of two severely disturbed boys I will present in the clinical section. Both boys’ precarious psychic functioning may help illustrate the oscillation between an arrest and the dawn of unconscious phantasy.”

On May 17, 2017, Judy Eekhoff, PhD, FIPA presented her paper, “The Body as a Mode of Representation” at NPSI’s Scientific Meeting. Regarding her paper, Eekhoff writes: “Freud and Ferenczi’s work foreshadowed later clinical evidence suggesting that there are multiple modes of representation. Further clinical explorations (Klein, Issacs, Bion and Segal) into the processes of symbolization and the role of the body in expressing ‘memories in feelings’ prepared us for the shift in psychoanalysis from a focus on wishes and conflicts to a focus on process and relationship within the here and now of the analytic session. Botella’s exploration of figureablity also emphasizes the role of the body in early primordial symbolization. All focus on the process of representation: unrepresented, re-presented and represented states. This paper will provide clinical examples of the patient’s communication via the body and the analyst’s role in receiving that communication first in her body and then in her mind and aiding the patient in developing a capacity for increased symbolization and representation via language.”

Psychoanalytic Center of California (PCC)

PCC continued to host a series of talks to honor the 30-year inception of the Institute. The Psychoanalytic Today Series continued with co-founders Avedis Panajian, PhD, FIPA on February 25, 2017, Yvonne Hansen, PhD, FIPA on April 1, 2017 and Albert Mason, MB, BS, PsyD, FIPA on June 10, 2017. All talks were held at PCC, 11500 Olympic Blvd., Suite # 445, Los Angeles, CA. 90064 from 8:45 am to 12:30 pm. A luncheon to honor PCC Founders; James Gooch, MD, PhD, FIPA, Shirley Gooch, PhD, FIPA, Yvonne Hansen, PhD, FIPA, Albert Mason, MB, BS, PsyD, FIPA, Avedis Panajian, PhD, FIPA, Michael Paul, MD, FIPA, Frederick Vaquer, MD, FIPA and Murray Weiler, MD, FIPA was held after the June 10th talk.

Deborah Bilder, PhD, FIPA, Robert Byer, PhD, FIPA, and Lisa Hilger, PsyD, FIPA have all completed their training and advanced to member status.

Vladimir Lipovetsky, MD, FIPA has advanced to Training Analyst status.

On Saturday, October 29, 2016, PCC hosted the following conference at the New Center of Psychoanalysis (NCP) Auditorium: The Infant-Parent Dyad: A Psychoanalytic Framework for Treating Children and Adults. Bjorn Salomonsson, PhD, MD, FIPA was the featured speaker.

A special event for PCC, NCP and LAISPS members and candidates followed the conference on Sunday, October 30, 2016, from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm at the NCP Auditorium. Bjorn Salomonsson, PhD, MD, FIPA demonstrated how he works with infants and mothers with Julie McCaig, PhD, FIPA presenting.

A faculty dinner honoring Dr. Salomonsson was held in the evening following the Saturday conference.

On January 28, 2017, the annual Bion conference took place at the NCP Auditorium from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The conference was built around the newly published festschrift, Things Invisible To Mortal Sight: Celebrating the Work of James Grotstein, (1925-2015). The volume’s editor, Annie Reiner, PhD, PsyD, FIPA gave an overview and presented her paper, “Ferenczi’s ‘Astra’ and Bion’s ‘0:’ A Clinical Perspective.” Also, in the afternoon, PCC Supervising and Training Analyst, Michael Ian Paul, MD, FIPA presented his paper from the book, Notes on the Contribution of Antenatal States to the Expression of Totalitarian Behavior. A stimulating and lively discussion followed both presentations.

A preconference reading workshop conducted by John Lundgren, MD, FIPA took place on January 10, 2017 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the PCC classroom. The paper from the book, Bion Crosses the Rubicon: The Fateful Course-And-Curse-Of “O” in Psychoanalysis and Furies Left in its Wake, by James Grotstein, MD, FIPA, was discussed.

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, the annual Klein conference featured Clara Nemas, MD, FIPA from Argentina.

On April 30, 2017, Nemas conducted a member Master Class and Deborah Bilder, PhD, FIPA, presented. She also held a candidate Master Class and Philip Lance, PhD, presented.

Persila Conversano, PsyD, FIPA, presented her graduation paper, “Unconscious Phantasies: The Fate of the Baby in Anorexia and Bulimia,”on Saturday, February 11, 2017 at PCC from 9:00 am to 11:00 am to members, candidates and PCC psychoanalytic psychotherapy students.

PCC Community Outreach Events continued on Saturday, March 11, 2017 and Jennifer Kunst, PhD, FIPA, presented, “Melanie Klein’s Model of Mental Health.” The talk and discussion was held at the PCC Office Classroom and was open to clinicians, interns and students.

The PCC Open House took place on Sunday, March 26, 2017 at PCC. David Brooks, PhD, FIPA gave a talk on “Beckoning the Vital Heart of the Self.”

PCC will host a summer series of talks from June 24, 2107 to August 5, 2017. The talks will be held at the PCC Office Classroom from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. Please contact the PCC Office for more information.

An art exhibit featuring the paintings of PCC member Desy Safan-Gerard, PsyD, FIPA, was held October 20, 2016 through November 29, 2016 at the Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. Safan-Gerard also gave a lecture, “Destructiveness in Creativity” at a recent meeting of GREX in Los Angeles on November 12, 2016.
Andrea Kahn, PhD, FIPA, has been appointed to the IPA Committee on Women In Psychoanalysis-COWAP.

PCC member Joseph Aguayo, PhD, FIPA, was the keynote speaker at the following presentations:

“Book Review of the Complete works of W.R. Bion,” at the Institute of Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR), in New York City, on December 3, 2016. The paper of the same title is to be published in The International Journal of Psychoanalysis.

“Reconsidering the Contributions of D.W. Winnicott and W.R. BIon: A Note on Archival Evidence-Winnicott’s (1962) Lecture on the ‘Kleinian Development’ at the Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute” to The History of Psychiatry Group at Cornell University, on December 7, 2016.

“Clinical Bion” to the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis on December 12, 2016 and with Lawrence Brown, PhD, FIPA, “On James Grotstein’s Clinical Technique of Supervision” at the Winter Meeting of the American Psychoanalytic Association at the Waldorf Astoria, in New York City, on January 19, 2017.

Joseph Aguayo, PhD, FIPA and A. Regeczkey, PhD published, “Rethinking the Role of Small-Group Collaborators and Adversaries in the London Kleinian Development (1914-1968)” in The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, in 2016, volume 85, pages 695-725.

PCC member Diane Silverman, ATR, PhD, FIPA had a solo exhibit of her photographs titled “A Journey into the Unconscious” at Vito Esposito in Beverly Hills, California from August, 2016 to October, 2016. A photograph from her series “Phantasmagoria” was selected for inclusion in the Los Angeles Center for Photography’s Second Annual Creative Portrait Exhibit and was on display at the center through December 2016.

PCC has welcomed several honorary members: Anne Alvarez, PhD, FIPA,
Bjorn Salomonsson, MD, PhD, FIPA, Majlia Salomonsson, PhD, FIPA,
Margaret Rustin, Phd, FIPA, John Stiener, MD, FIPA, Ron Britton, MD, FIPA,
Michael Feldman, MD, FIPA, Irma Brenman-Pick, FIPA, Meg Harris-Williams, PhD, and Rudi Vermote, MD, PhD, FIPA.

Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California (PINC)

PINC in collaboration with the South Bay Community for Psychoanalytic Study
presented the extended series: “Bion & Beyond: Contemporary Observations & Clinical Applications. October 5, 2016 – May 24, 2017. Presenters were Ivria Spieler, PhD, PsyD, MFT; Angela Sowa, PsyD, MFT; Lynn Alexander, PsyD, MFT and Shubha Herleker, PsyD, MFT.

“New Voices in South American Psychoanalysis: A Clinical Forum Using Link Theory”
with Argentinian psychoanalyst Monica Vorchheimer, MA, was presented Monday
Oct. 24, 2016, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm.
Co-Sponsors: PINC, SFCP, Psychoanalytic Couple Study Group (PCPG) and
the Northern California Society of Psychoanalytic Psychology (NCSPP).
Monica Vorchheimer is an award winning training and supervising psychoanalyst and couple psychotherapist from Buenos Aires and she highlighted “link theory,” an innovative Latin American psychoanalytic model.

“What is Neuropsychoanalysis?: Exploring the Mind-Brain Connection” was presented by Margaret Guertin PhD and co-presenter Loong Kwok, PsyD on Saturday Oct. 29, 2016. This introductory course presented basic brain science with an eye to its relevance to clinical practice.

PINC’s Second Fridays Series:
Anne Carson’s “NOX – The Trauma of the Letter”
Camille Norton, PhD, Discussant Jed Sekoff, PhD
Moderator: Reyna Cowan, PsyD, LCSW
Friday Nov. 11, 2016, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

PINC Symposium presented “Desire, Lust, and Pleasure: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on the Fate of Eros” by Megan Rundel, PhD with discussant Martine Aniel, PhD on November 16, 2016.

PINC Visiting Scholars for 2016 – 2017 included: Cleonie White, PhD on September 17 – 18, 2016, Juan Tubert-Oklander, MD on February 4 – 5, 2017 and Anne Alvarez, MD on April 19 – 23, 2017, International Visiting Scholar Week.

PINC’s Early Career Case Conferences are as follows:
San Francisco – Wednesdays September 28th – May 3, 2017 – 7:30 pm–9:00 pm
East Bay – – Wednesdays September 28th – May 3, 2017 – 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
South Bay – Fridays October 14 through June 2, 2017 – 12:30 pm–2:00 pm