CIPS NewsBriefs - Spring 2022

IPTAR: Publications, Awards, Important Speaking Engagements

Reporter: Leslie Wells, LP, FIPA

Carolyn Ellman, PhD, FIPA

Dr. Ellman was honored at “The Norbert Freedman Memorial Lecture: Honoring a Major Contributor to Psychoanalytic Technique.” Dr. Ellman also delivered a wonderful paper on this occasion, “The Power of Exclusion: A Freudian’s Tribute to Ferenczi”. 

Steven Ellman, PhD, FIPA, and Michael Moskowitz, PhD, FIPA

Ellman, Steven J., Moskowitz, Michael (2020). Review of Freud: An intellectual biography.  Psychoanalytic psychology 37(2). This article earned the distinction of “top-accessed articles published in 2020 for this journal.

Geoff Goodman, Ph.D., ABPP, FIPA

Dent, V. F., & Goodman, G. (in press). Representations of attachment security, attachment avoidance, and gender in Ugandan children. Attachment and Human Development.

Goodman, G. (In press). Child and adolescent psychodynamic therapy: Using Q-methodology in process research. Psychoanalytic Study of the Child.

Goodman, G., Calderón, A., & Midgley, N. (In press). Expert clinicians’ prototypes of an adolescent treatment: Common and unique factors among four treatment models. Psychotherapy Research.

Goodman, G., Clark, A., & Chung, H. (In press). Interaction structures formed in the psychodynamic therapy of a man diagnosed with compulsive sexual behavior disorder and comorbid borderline personality disorder. Sexual Health and Compulsivity.

Goodman, G., & Dent, V. F.  (In press).  Rural community libraries in Uganda: Impact and outcomes. In P. Lo, S. H. S. Wu, A. J. Stark, & B. Allard (Eds.), Literacy and reading programmes for children and young people: Case studies from around the globe:  Vol. 2.  Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.  Palm Bay, FL: Apple Academic Press.

Goodman, G., & Halfon, S. (In press). Session adherence to prototypical psychotherapy process as a correlate of outcome in a naturalistic study of child mentalization-informed psychodynamic play therapy. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration.

Prout, T., Goodman, G., Chung, H., & Sherman, A. (In press). Psychotherapy process research in Regulation Focused Psychotherapy for Children.  Journal of Psychotherapy Integration.

Michele Piccolo, PhD, FIPA

Piccolo M.S. (2021). Lost and Found in Translation: When Words Stand for Remote and Close Issue 15, November 2021.

Richard Reichbart, PhD, FIPA 

Reichbart, R. (2021). “Hamlet: The Tragedy of a Parapsychologist” in Edge Science, vol. 48.

Jared Russell, PhD, FIPA

Jared Russell’s new book, Sublimation and Superego: Psychoanalysis Between Two Deaths was published by Routledge in November of 2021.

Tuba Tokgoz, PhD, FIPA
Publications Presentation/Interview Presented a paper entitled “Remaining connected when apart: Analyst’s reverie as the vehicle of contagion processes” at the IPTAR Open House on April 18th, 2021, which was on “The reshaping of the frame: Presence/Absence of the Body in the Psychoanalytic Encounter.”

Neal Vorus, PhD, FIPA

Vorus, N. (2021). Review of Illusion, Disillusion, and Irony in Psychoanalysis, by John Steiner. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Volume 102, No. 4.

Vorus, N. (2021). Trying to find someone: A modern Kleinian reconsideration of the treatment of Mrs. C. Division/Review, No. 24.

Vorus, N., and Ellman, S. (Guest Editors) (2021). Notes from a pandemic: A year of COVID-19. Psychoanalytic Psychology Volume 38, No. 2.

Ellman, S. and Vorus, N. (2021). Commentary on Notes from a pandemic. Psychoanalytic Psychology Volume 38, No. 2.

Leslie Wells, LP, FIPA

Wells, L. (2021). Review of “Zen and Psychotherapy: Partners in Liberation” by Joseph Bobrow in Psychoanalytic Psychology, 38(2), 157–159.