Dear CIPS Community,

This letter attempts to orient you, dear Reader, to the variety contained in this issue.  Here you will find examples of courage, inspiration, and creativity as well as be confronted with both bone chilling realities and healing ones.

We begin, as usual, with letters from the CIPS President, Batya Monder, who both offers reflections and updates us on the recent accomplishments and upcoming events at CIPS. We then “meet” the CIPS President-elect, Maureen Murphy, and learn about her priorities for her upcoming tenure. This past February, NAPsaC welcomed its new president, Mary Kay O’Neil, who shares her vision with us as well.

In the aftermath of the domestic terrorism at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, NewsBriefs invited the presidents of all the member societies to respond. Their letters are included here.

Adriana Prengler, vice president-elect of the IPA, introduces us to the good work of The IPA’s committee on Psychoanalytic Emigration and Relocation (PERC). Adriana is the former chair of this committee.

Many have described that as the pandemic and our physical isolation from each other and the world continues that it’s harder to think and harder to do. Reminders that others are out there too—living, loving and doing–is somehow a salve reminding us that better days are ahead. We are privileged again in this issue to hear from various members of our societies about matters deeply personal and important to them. There is quite a gamut: reflections on living in these uncertain times of the pandemic, on working the phones prior to the November election, on documenting the sadistic and dehumanizing realities of the US immigration detention centers, on being inspired by courage in the Warsaw ghetto to engage in the present struggles. Haikus! And a poem, written by the analyst to his granddaughter, that can’t help but make us smile.

The Reporters of each society share the publications, awards and important speaking engagements of their candidates, members and fellows. We can both learn about and celebrate their hard work and accomplishments.

We hear also from Fred Busch about the book which he edited, entitled Dear Candidate: Analysts from Around the World Offer Personal Reflections on Psychoanalytic Training, Education and the Profession. He was also kind enough to include a plethora of excerpts from the contributions of senior analysts to whet our appetite.

The CIPS Books Series editors inform us about and invite us to participate in the waiting-to-be written intriguing new CIPS book series of society-based volumes.

In the In Memoriam section, we are honored to bear witness to those in our societies whom we have lost. In this issue we remember Dr. Sharen Westin and Dr. Howard Hansen, both long-time members of PCC.

We offer our thanks to the presidents of each of the societies for responding to the request to speak to the domestic terrorism of January 6th:  Andrea Greenman (CFS), Doris Silverman (IPTAR), Pamela Dirham (LAISPS), Barbara Sewell (NPSI), Jennifer Langham (PCC), and Bruce Weitzman (PINC).

And, as always, we thank the Reporters from each society who gathered the Reflection pieces as well as news of publications, awards and speaking engagements during 2020.  They are a steadfast, creative, and good-natured crew:  Mary Wall (CFS), Joe Davis (LAISPS), Dave Parnes (NPSI), Susan Mitchell (PCC) and Drew Tillotson (PINC).

We encourage you to read this from virtual “cover to cover” – we promise you will feel enriched as you go along.

With warm regards,

Leslie Wells, LP, FIPA