President’s Letter

Dear CIPS Community,


On June 30, 2019, the CIPS presidential baton was passed from Terry McBride to me, a role that I am honored to assume. Leading up to that transition, I had had many phone calls with Terry by way of preparation for this new position. His education and guidance have been essential; and I am grateful beyond words for his kindness and patience. He is a fount of knowledge about CIPS* and a wonderful teacher. I have also felt welcomed and supported by others in leadership roles in CIPS and by many members of the CIPS community.

Early on, Terry suggested that he, Lisa Halotek, Vice President, and I should have weekly telephone calls to stay abreast of what was happening with CIPS as well as continue to help with the transition of leadership. Our weekly calls have become a fixed appointment on my calendar.

In early October I presided over my first CIPS Board Meeting, marking the end of the transition; now the responsibilities of the office reside with me. The CIPS Board consists of the CIPS officers and the Directors (two from each of the CIPS component societies). We are an active and committed group of professionals who will be working on many endeavors for CIPS this academic year– some new, some a continuation or expansion of what has already existed.

In the former category, a new task force is being organized under the guidance of Maxine Nelson (NPSI) to explore how CIPS and its component societies can issue CE’s to out of state participants. In the latter category, we have a new Chair of the Teleconference Committee, Elizabeth Reese (IPTAR), who has brought fresh thinking to the program, offering videoconferencing for upcoming courses, planning two-session courses with authors of recently published books. Look for the e-blasts that will announce new courses as they are organized.

The CIPS Board Certification in Psychoanalysis (BCPsa) has been offered in the past and will again be offered this spring, with dates to be announced shortly. This certification will eventually be required of all Training Analysts and Faculty as our Institutes move toward required accreditation. CIPS members can prepare themselves by becoming certified now. More information about the certification process can be found on the CIPS website,

We are also in the process of updating the CIPS website beginning with the Members Roster. The goal is to make the website more relevant for our members and the public at large and more user-friendly.

Lisa Halotek and I will continue to follow through with the many accomplishments that Terry McBride and his predecessors have put in place, and we hope to expand on his efforts to make all CIPS members and candidates more aware of CIPS–their organization. Initiatives to that end will be announced as they are rolled out.

The News Brief, which will be published in December 2019 and April 2020, will provide information about members’ activities in all the component societies and will include reporting on the CIPS Conference in May 2019 and the CIPS reception at the IPA Congress in London, July 2019. There will also be information about our upcoming reception/book celebration in February 2020 in New York.

We will be celebrating the latest book in the CIPS Book Series, Trauma and the Destructive-Transformative Struggle: Clinical Perspectives, edited by Terry McBride and Maureen Murphy. The book was published this fall, and in addition to the reception in New York in February, a party is planned in Los Angeles in November.

I look forward to working with the CIPS Executive Committee Members: Vice President, Lisa Halotek; Past President, Terry McBride; Treasurer, Susan Light; as well as with Harriet Boxer, the Secretary, and the Directors from each of the component societies, CFS, IPTAR, LAISPS, NPSI, PCC, and PINC. I anticipate a productive year ahead and will be updating this column in a timely fashion and also communicating with the
members in each issue of the News Brief.

Warm regards to all,
Batya R. Monder

*For fuller information about CIPS programs, see Terry McBride’s President’s Letter, which is archived and available here.