Refugee Resettlement Programs

Catholic Charities (CC) and Hebrew International Aid Society (HIAS/Jewish Family Services) have recently developed an interfaith resettlement program for Syrian refugee families and are in the process of attempting to obtain permission from the State Department to resettle a total of 100 Syrian refugees in Westchester County, NY.

These charitable organizations seek to empower interfaith groups nationwide to work collaboratively in creating networks of support that will address each refugee family’s needs: locating and furnishing housing, coordinating education and employment, health care and social/emotional resources.

Catholic Charities (CC) and the Hebrew International Aid Society (HIAS/Jewish Family Services) have nationwide offices in metro areas where CIPS societies are located.

Catholic Charities – Interfaith Center of New York (ICNY) 212-870-3510
Hebrew International Aid Society (HIAS) New York 212-767-4199 or 301-844-7300