Scholarly Life


CIPS members have discovered that our immersion in psychoanalytic life – in collective study, open discussion of our clinical experience, and organizational development – builds warm and enduring relationships that bridge the geographical distances between our respective homes. We hold uniquely intimate clinical conferences, sponsor a successful teleconference seminar series, and publish our own book series with Karnac. The expanded Book Series section and newly added Psychoanalytic Educational Exchange enhance our ability to share conference papers, feature book discounts for members, add book reviews, share videos, and publicize upcoming conference announcements.

These offerings, created by and for our membership, are based on the principle that analysts become analysts over time, through multiple clinical and educational experiences. We at CIPS are committed to ensuring that our organizational homes provide the support and stimulation that promote professional development. We know from experience, and affirm with conviction, the community is enriched and the profession advanced when we welcome differences in theory and practice, when we are open to innovation, and when we work together to promote open minds.

We believe that this ethos represents the best traditions of the IPA and offers the best approach to our future psychoanalytic development worldwide.