Janet Fisher, PhD, FIPA (IPTAR)
Elizabeth Reese, LCSW, FIPA (IPTAR)

“Oh, she’s adopted” is sometimes spoken as an explanation of something significant about the person. It is spoken as if it has a meaning in and of itself, when in fact it is not an explanation of anything in particular.

In this conference we will provide the space to explore the complex dynamics of adoption before starting with the adoptee. We will review the classic literature, which focuses largely on white children adopted at birth. Utilizing clinical and personal experiences to understand the internal and external dynamics of different types of adoption, we will also examine public health policy and related decision making; e.g., closed records, when to tell the child, separating siblings, international adoptions, interracial adoptions.

It is important for us as psychoanalysts to think deeply and broadly about adoption, to be able to go beyond the clichés and stereotypes. We will also explore the corollary issues raised by adoption, such as confronting the inability to have a biological child, the attitudes toward non-biological parenting, the meaning for adopted individuals of their biological lineage, and the social attitudes/prejudices regarding adoption.


Janet Fisher, PhD, is a member and Fellow at IPTAR. She is interested in questions regarding who can benefit from analysis and how we cultivate curiosity in patients that enables them to accept the recommendation of psychoanalytic treatment. Her doctoral dissertation concerned the fate of women who relinquished a baby for adoption in the eras before and after Roe v. Wade.

Elizabeth (Beth) Reese, LCSW, is an IPTAR member who lives and practices in Tampa, FL. She is an adjunct professor at the University of South Florida Department of Psychiatry, where she teaches psychodynamic psychotherapy to the third-year residents and supervisees. She has been involved in the complex issues of adoption in her private practice with child, adolescent, and adult patients and also through extensive work in international and special-needs adoptions. In addition to private practice, she consults with child welfare agencies on adoption.


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Nancy R. Goodman, Ph.D.
Contemporary Freudian Society
Washington, D.C.

Enactments are compelling due to their intimate relationship to unconscious fantasy and the ‘here and now’ of transference and countertransference. This leads us to the living out with patients of unconscious fantasies and object relations configurations. For a long time psychoanalysis considered enactments something to be avoided. This group looks to discover more about the action and interaction sequences that accompany verbal dialogue between analyst and analysands, as well as other issues involved in psychoanalytic treatment.

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