Carol Mason-Straughan, Managing Editor

Dear CIPS Members, Bringing you this issue of our NewsBriefs is a special pleasure, since, through our “Reflections” section, it paints a lively picture of our Biennial CIPS/NAPsaC Clinical Conference which was held last May. I am always inspired and intrigued when I read about the many individual accomplishments of our members, but it is powerful in a different way to hear about our colleagues coming together for deep conversation on crucial issues. Special thanks to Maureen Murphy, Johanna Boyce, William Fried, Carolyn Steinberg, Mary Wall and Peter Wolson for sharing their thoughts, feelings, and observations about the conference with such eloquence and to Lisa Halotek for providing photos.

As always, I am indebted to our CIPS reporters: Joe Davis (LAISPS), Susan Mitchell (PCC), Dave Parnes (NPSI), Drew Tillotson (PINC), Mary Wall (CFS), and Leslie Wells (IPTAR). These are very busy and committed people asking equally busy and committed colleagues to supply much-detailed information. I appreciate the graciousness of all reporters and all contributors in finding time to keep us updated. My gratitude also to Robin Deutsch, NAPsaC president, who is diligent in nurturing the connection between CIPS and NAPsaC.

Finally, it has been a joy to work with our new president, Batya Monder. Batya is a lovely individual who steers our CIPS ship with quite a competent and creative hand. I know you will join with me in thanking her for giving so many hours and already doing an excellent job. Please enjoy this issue and whatever holidays you celebrate!

Warmest regards, Carol Mason-Straughan Managing Editor