Would You Like to Publish a Book?

Would you like to publish a book?

All members of CIPS are welcome to participate in the work of the CIPS Book Series. The series was launched in 2010 to promote the intellectual life of the CIPS community by providing a publishing outlet for our members that would promote public awareness of members and of our unique professional community.

Since its inception, the CIPS Book Series has published books authored by individual members and by groups of members writing on a single theme. In 2020, we launched a new initiative to encourage each of our six societies to produce “society-based” volumes to represent the work of their respective communities.

Any individual, group of individuals, or CIPS society is welcome to propose books for publication in the book series. If you have an idea for a book, or if you are an author in search of collaborators, please contact the Book Series Editor, Fredric Perlman, at ftperlman@ftperlman.net.

Criteria for publication

Criteria for publication are established by both CIPS and the publisher, Routledge Press.

1. The single criterion set by CIPS is that all books must be edited and/or authored in their entirety by CIPS members. This policy ensures that the series represents the work of our members and of our community. The criteria that follow represent those established by the publisher.

2. The content of all books must be related in some way to the Book Series theme: the boundaries of psychoanalysis. The term “boundaries” is flexibly applied and can refer to such themes as advances in theory or technique, the widening scope of treatment, the relationship between schools of analytic thought, or to the relationship between psychoanalysis and neighboring disciplines.

3. The content of each volume must be original work that has not been previously published or available online.

4. Books shall be approximately 200 – 250 pages in length, although variations in length are possible.

5. Books must have a salient organizing theme.

How to submit a book proposal

All book proposals should be submitted by email to the Book Series Editor (ftperlman@ftperlman.net).

Formal proposals for publications should include the following:

1. Synopsis or overview of the book and its structure.

2. Table of Contents.

3. A brief outline of each chapter in the book, including the identification of each prospective contributor in the case of edited books.

4. Two writing samples, preferably taken from completed portions of the book or related to its theme.

How book proposals are reviewed

All book proposals are peer-reviewed in detail by at least two members of the Editorial Board. Final decisions on publication are made by the Editorial Board and are subject to the approval of the publisher.

Sometimes authors and editors envision books that do not conform to each of the publication guidelines described above. For example, a prospective volume may be longer than the typical 200-250 pages, or may contain some material that has been previously published. In such instances, the author or editor of the prospective volume is invited to contact the Book Series Editor (ftperlman@ftperlman.net) to discuss the project.