Board Certification in Psychoanalysis Application


The CIPS Board Certification program was introduced in 2016 to enable CIPS members to attain an advanced practice credential in psychoanalysis. It was designed to serve the unique needs of our diverse community in accordance with our commitment to the values of diversity, academic freedom, and lifelong learning. It is also intended to promote the professional standing of psychoanalysis in society by strengthening the credentialing system of psychoanalysis.

Credentialing is a fundamental feature of professions and professional status. Professions are, by definition, credentialed occupations. A profession’s viability depends, in part, on the rigor, credibility and comprehensiveness of its credentialing system. A mature credentialing system contains three different components:

  1. Certification of individual professionals
  2. Accreditation of professional training programs
  3. Licensure of practitioners by the state

Board certification of individual practitioners and accreditation of professional training programs are credentialing procedures established by a professional community according to standards established by the professional community through its organizations.

Accreditation signifies that a training program meets educational standards while certification signifies that an individual has fulfilled training requirements as well as other postgraduate requirements established by the community.

Board certification and accreditation are mutually enhancing components of a professional credentialing system. The CIPS Board Certification program rests on graduation from an IPA training institute. Accreditation of our IPA institutes by accrediting bodies in the United States, such as the Accreditation Council for Psychoanalytic Education, in turn, is now increasingly predicated on the board certification of faculty, especially training and supervising analysts.

Board certification and accreditation facilitate and promote the establishment of state licensure, the third component of a professional credentialing system. State licensure is typically based on standards established by professions and implemented through accreditation and certification programs. State licensure is critical to a profession’s viability because it protects professional titles, rights and privileges.

The CIPS Board Certification Program in Psychoanalysis

Board Certification is a credential by which a professional community recognizes
the maturity and expertise of its qualified members. Board Certification in Psychoanalysis is awarded by the CIPS Board of Examiners in recognition of a psychoanalyst’s experience and education.

Board certification will enable our highly experienced members to identify themselves to the public as Board Certified Psychoanalysts, while enabling the public, including prospective patients and other mental health professionals, to identify our members as expert psychoanalysts. Our Board Certification plan is unique in its emphasis on continuing education and experience. It is designed to promote lifelong professional growth and development while enhancing the professional standing of our members and our profession.

The CIPS Board Certification program will thus enhance our practices, strengthen the standing of our profession in the community, and support our larger goal of establishing psychoanalysis as an independent profession.

What are the criteria for Board Certification?

The CIPS Board Certification assumes the core competencies that are signified by graduation from training. Our Board Certification is intended to signify the mastery and “seasoning” that accrues with clinical experience.

The education and experience criteria for Board Certification are detailed in the Certification Criteria section of the Certification pages in this website. In brief, the criteria include:

Psychoanalytic Education

You must be a graduate of an IPA or APsaA training institute.

Psychoanalytic Experience

You must have at least five years of postgraduate experience in the conduct of both psychoanalysis and psychoanalytically informed psychotherapy, as well clinical consultation, supervision, and related teaching and training.

CIPS and IPA Membership

You must be a member of CIPS. If you are a member of CIPS, have been a member of the IPA for five years, and meet the experience requirements described above you may be eligible for Board Certification in Psychoanalysis through CIPS. If you are not a member of CIPS, but are a member of the IPA, you can join CIPS as a “Direct Member.” Click here To Join CIPS.

What is the Board Certification process?

The Board Certification program is designed to avoid subjective factors, such as theoretical biases or professional politics, that can compromise the fairness of the assessment procedure.

Board Certification is conferred on the basis of attestations and documentation demonstrating fulfillment of the required education and experience criteria. You will be asked to complete a formal application and to submit two letters of recommendation on your behalf by qualified analysts.

Your application will be prepared by an employed administrator and forwarded to the Board of Examiners in Psychoanalysis for a blind review. The Board of Examiners, an autonomous body comprised of senior analysts from each of the CIPS societies, will conduct a blind evaluation of your application. You will not be required to submit to any formal review of your clinical work nor is there any further examination procedure.

Your Board Certification will be valid for seven years. Renewal of your certification will simply require completion of a standard application form, attesting to continuing experience and education, along with two letters of recommendation and a check to cover the recertification fee.

How much does it cost to apply for Board Certification

The application fee for Board Certification is $150. Your application will not be processed until the application fee is paid. You may pay this fee online here or by check payable to CIPS for $150 sent to:

  • Connie Stroboulis
  • Administrator, CIPS Board of Examiners
  • 11 Bunker Hill Drive
  • Manalapan, NJ 07726

How to Apply for Board Certification

It is easy to apply for Board Certification in Psychoanalysis through our certification program.

First, review the criteria for certification listed on the Criteria for Board Certification pages in this section of the website.

Second, go to the Application page in this section of the website, fill out the application and submit your application online. You will see the “SUBMIT” button on the bottom of the page.

Third, when you have submitted the application, ask two experienced analysts who know your work to submit letters of reference on your behalf, utilizing the reference letter forms located in this section of the website.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Board Certification Administrator, Connie Stroboulis, at

BCPsa and the BCPsa Certificate

The “BCPsa” is our certification mark. It identifies psychoanalysts who have been certified in Psychoanalysis by the Board of Examiners in Psychoanalysis in accordance with the education and experience standards set forth by the CIPS Board of Directors as criteria for Board Certification in Psychoanalysis. The mark serves as a visual symbol of the holder’s psychoanalytic education and clinical experience. Usage of this mark is restricted to psychoanalysts certified by our Board of Examiners in Psychoanalysis. Any other usage is a violation of federal and state law.

If you have been certified by the Board of Examiners, you are entitled to place the BCPsa certification mark after your name on business cards, stationery, and other documents.

In addition, if you have attained your BCPsa, you may wish to have a BCPsa Certificate, suitable for framing, in your office. This certificate, displayed below, is 11″ X 14″. The cost is $25. If you are interested, please contact Board Certification Administrator, Connie Stroboulis, at